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The First & Only Selling Platform Dedicated to Rottweiler Owners

Target Audiance

We advertise and searching only for people who are interested in Rottweilers. It means only target buyers for you.

No Commissions

You won't pay any commissions for a successful sale. Every penny that you've earned is yours.

The Power Of Social

Your ad will be shared across all biggest social platforms with all social followers and subscribers. Which means bigger chance to sell your puppy fast.

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Regular Ads

$0$8 Validity: 7 DaysSimple Ads: 1Bump-up Ads: 0Allow Tags : No

Featured ads

$15 Validity: 14 DaysSimple Ads: 1Featured Ads: 1


$50 Validity: 30 DaysSimple Ads: 5Featured Ads: 1Bump-up Ads: 1

How it's done?

Three Simple Steps

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Post your ad in three simple steps and wait for potential buyers to reach you.

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